A Place-based Approach to Early Childhood Wellness in Cincinnati

PROJECT SUMMARY: Using a place-based approach to organize residents in two Cincinnati neighborhoods, this project will create a multi-level intervention to promote a culture of wellness for young children in the area.
Three research questions drive the project:

  1. What do community members identify as community assets for and barriers to optimal child health in their neighborhoods?
  2. Who and where are community “bright spots” (defined as households with children with better than expected health outcomes)?
  3. What factors are associated with “bright spot” households that could be applied to other households in the community?
A Place-Based Approach to Early Childhood Wellness in Cincinnati

[Pictured Left to Right]

  • Jamie-Lee Morris, BA, Community Organizer, New Prospect Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Farrah Jacquez, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Michael Topmiller, PhD, Geographer, American Academy of Family Physicians, Cincinnati, Ohio
"I am invigorated to be part of a network of academics and community partners united by the potential for collaborative research to create meaningful social change."
— Farrah Jaquez

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