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Each year, Interdisciplinary Research Leaders welcomes up to 15 teams of three members each.


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[Pictured from Left to Right]:
ERIN GARNER-FORD, MA, Executive Director, ACT for Women and Girls
ANU MANCHIKANTI GOMEZ, PhD, MSc, Assistant Professor of Social Welfare and Director of the Sexual Health and Reproductive Equity Program, University of California, Berkeley
SALLY RAFIE, PharmD, BCPS, APh, NCMP, Pharmacist, UC San Diego Health


  • Individuals must apply as part of a team of three—two mid-career researchers and one mid-career community partner. Teams can be newly formed or already existing.
  • Researchers must have a terminal degree in their field (PhD, MD, DrPH) or extensive research or evaluation experience.
  • Community partners must have close ties to a community of interest and must have the potential to take action on the issue themselves or have relationships with entities that can take action.
  • Teams must include members from diverse disciplines and perspectives. We seek innovation and novel partnerships, including people from diverse perspectives or fields that traditionally do not study health (e.g., engineering and anthropology).
  • Teams do not need to be located in the same geographic area, but should articulate a plan for maintaining team cohesion. Fellows do not need to relocate; they will continue working in their home communities.

The best way to see who this program is for is to meet our current fellows. But keep in mind that this is just the start—the experience will only grow stronger as new fellows from many other backgrounds, disciplines and perspectives round out this growing group. Imagine yourself on the team!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all events will be virtual until it is safe to conduct them in person.
Call for applications
Mar 2
Applicant webinar
Mar 17
Application deadline
May 4
Applications reviewed
Applicant interviews
New cohort notified of acceptance
Program begins
Nov 1

* Timeline subject to change. Check back for updates.

Application Process Overview

Here is a quick guide to help you prepare a successful application.

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