Comprehensive Early Childhood Parenting Supports & Children’s Health & Development

Location: New York, New York

PROJECT SUMMARY: Leveraging an innovative early childhood program that combines income supports, parenting education and connections to community services, this project aims to promote the early health and development of young children. A small-scale randomized controlled trial of Room to Grow will be launched to help demonstrate early parent and child outcomes of the intervention. Room to Grow’s mission is to enrich the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development.

Comprehensive Early Childhood Parenting Supports & Children’s Health & Development

[Pictured Left to Right]

  • Chris Wimer, PhD, Research Scientist and Co-Director, Center on Poverty and Social Policy, Columbia Research Center, New York, New York
  • Allyson Crawford, MA, Executive Director, Room to Grow, New York, New York
"One major barrier to research informing action and policy change is the siloed nature of academic disciplines, and the incentive structures therein that are geared almost exclusively on academic publications. This narrow focus sometimes precludes valuable information being disseminated and used by those who need it, and also leads to a failure to inform policies and action on the ground. Developing real mechanisms that bring researchers from different backgrounds, disciplines and approaches together in collaboration with policymakers and practitioners can help break down some of these barriers."
— Chris Wimer

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