What are the specific learning objectives of the IRL program?

March 29, 2021 11:05 pm

Learning objectives for all team members include:

  • Increase expertise in interdisciplinary research.
  • Engage in team leadership for the promotion of health equity.
  • Understand how to use leadership and network skills to drive change in academic and community settings.
  • Improve the facilitation of compelling, action-oriented research that improves health and advances health equity goals in all manner of communities.
  • Increase understanding of how structural racism and other “isms” constrain health and opportunity, in both the historical and contemporary contexts.
  • Determine how to apply anti-racist practices into research and leadership.
  • Enhance skills to ensure that ethical research and community standards are equal priorities.
  • Build skills for the dissemination of research findings to improve community health.
  • Understand the process to effectively communicate health research evidence to inform policy and change.


Additional learning objectives for community partners include:

  • Develop skills for partnering with researchers to answer critical community-oriented questions.
  • Develop skills to lead, guide, and utilize research for action and improvement in community health.


Additional learning objectives for research partners include:

  • Develop skills and understanding to create equitable partnerships with community members and leaders.
  • Develop skills to create research that is responsive to community concerns.

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