What are the different research themes/topic areas for previous IRL cohorts?

March 29, 2021 11:39 pm

The themes for the previous IRL cohorts are:

  • Early childhood and health (Cohort 1).
  • Housing, community development, and health (Cohort 1).
  • Youth development approaches to prevent violence and promote health (Cohort 2).
  • Individual and community resilience and health (Cohort 2).
  • Solutions for better health care delivery in rural America (Cohort 3).
  • Addressing social and economic determinants to prevent chronic conditions and to promote health, well-being, and equity in rural America (Cohort 3).
  • Community development and health (Cohort 4).
  • Clinical practice, social services, and health (Cohort 4).
  • Community environment and health (Cohort 5).
  • Families and child health (Cohort 5).
  • Structural racism in health care (Cohort 6).
  • Structural racism and community health and well-being (Cohort 6.)

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